Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 7, 2014: Prevously, Manolo and Daniel, Jane Oineza and Vickie Rushton has been evicted on  #PBBHarapangEviction and 100days task. The challenges inside the PBB House are increasing and the housemates were sacrificing a lot in order to fight for their chances to be included in the Big 4 winners. The August 7, 2014 episode of PBB All In marked the 100th day of the housemates inside the PBB house that is why the “bodega housemates” including Manolo, Daniel, Jane and Vickie will have to do something in order to get back inside the house. They will face a great task that will challenge their agility in 5 minutes.

Before that, one former housemate entered the PBB house in the person of Fifth. Before entering the house, Big Brother talked to him and instructed him of what he will be doing inside. Fifth will have to test the characters of the three remaining housemates so that the people will get the chance to know them and choose very well who will belong to the Big 4.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 7, 2014

Fifth started questioning them all with questions that are challenging to answer and while doing this, Joshua, one of the remaining housemates discerned something about him and they have to be careful in trusting Fifth. The housemates lighted 100 candles on a large cake and they needed to protect the candles from losing the light. They only had a minute to light what will be put off.

The bodega housemates upon knowing what to do as their task, have prepared their weapons in putting off the fire of the candles. Big Brother instructed them that the one with the most number of candles fires put off will have the chance to go back in the house. Then the challenge started and Manolo went first among the four. But before him, Ranty went in first to interrupt the housemates.

Ranty was instructed by Big Brother to carry a water gun to put off the fire of the candles. The 3 remaining teen housemates including Fifth tried to protect the candles but Ranty was able to put off a lot of them. When he was recognized by the housemates, one said “I thought we were friends” and Ranty went out of the house after 5 minutes of battling with the housemates. For the record, the housemates wore fatigue uniform and covered their entire body so that they will not be easily recognized. On the time given to Manolo, he was recognized by Joshua and that ended the episode.

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