Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 6, 2014: Prevously, Manolo and Daniel, has been evicted on  #PBBHarapangEviction. Big Brother said that it was the 100th day of the housemates inside and the decision for them to prolong the days of stay inside the house depends on the result of their task – a hard task according to Big Brother. Todaywe will know what task is it. Keep watching PBB All In as it comes closer to deciding who among the remaining housemates will be part of the Big 4.

The Pinoy Big Brother All In August 6 episode was where Big Brother announced to the housemates that it was their 100th day inside and they have to do a particular task that will determine the length of time they will stay and also the decision to whether days will be added or it will remain as it is. Now this is the chance of the housemates to prove something.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 6, 2014 #‎uberbodegaboys‬
Update:Jane Oineza and Vickie Rushton Evicted from PBB All In Eviction August 6, 2014

After Daniel’s exit and going to a secret place inside the house, the housemates suddenly heard a heartbeat, the sound that they do not want to hear often. They gathered then to the confession room wherein Big Brother instructed them on what to do on their next task. Their next task was an obstacle course wherein the housemates will have to get a ring, swim through the pool and arrive at the place where they will have to throw the ring according to the sequence of the events on the picture shown.

The housemates should see to it that they do this correctly and fast since the two housemates with the slowest performance will be subject for eviction. The first one who did the task was Loisa followed by Maris, Joshua , Jane and Vickie. Jane had a hard time doing the task and she cried along. Vickie was not able to complete the task because of her health. She fainted and Joshua had to accompany her to the confession room with the medical team.

On the other hand, Manolo and Daniel had to prepare their foods in secret that the housemates will not know. While doing so, Maris felt like there were other people in the house. The next day, Vickie was confronted by Big Brother saying that she will continue the task where she stopped. Jane and Vickie were evicted and went with Manolo and Daniel.

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