Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 5, 2014: If there is one particular episode that is full of emotions, this is it for now, I guess. The start of the episode was the recalling of what took place inside the house the previous days when the housemates were tasked to eliminate one housemate at a time inside the PBB house, and it was not easy for them. We can still remember that the housemates have decided to pick one particular housemate to exit and it was Daniel. The wheels suddenly turned when it was supposedly Joshua who is on the line. The housemates were convinced that Daniel should go out of the house because he has proven a lot inside and he has a good life outside that made him sad.

There was full of emotions inside the PBB house as the housemates confronted Daniel one by one to talk about what happened the night before and the decision that they have made. Daniel comforted his considered younger sister Maris for she never stopped crying. Daniel said to her that no matter what happens, he will never nominate or vote for her. That increased Maris’ agony since she knew with herself that she voted Daniel. Daniel explained to her that she has no fault on what happened since she was forced to do something that she doesn’t want.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 5, 2014

On the other hand, the other housemates were also emotional on the living room and kitchen because of what happened. Though they have decided to oust Daniel from the house, Daniel approached them still and has shown them positive attitudes in fact, he said that he loves them so much. They asked for forgiveness from Daniel and the guy never blamed them for what happened. Daniel then started giving gifts, his old clothes to them as a remembrance. The following night, Daniel went out but to his surprise, he was brought to a secret place where Manolo was residing for a while.

When Manolo saw Daniel, he was very happy and he hugged him. The two were not evicted yet because they still have to wait for other housemates to get in. Big Brother said that it was the 100th day of the housemates inside and the decision for them to prolong the days of stay inside the house depends on the result of their task – a hard task according to Big Brother. Tomorrow we will know what task is it. Keep watching PBB All In as it comes closer to deciding who among the remaining housemates will be part of the Big 4.

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