Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 4, 2014: This is probably the episode in Pinoy Big Brother All In that gave the housemates the highest level of stress and you will know later why. The beginning of the episode started when the events were recalled starting from the choosing who among the housemates will leave and it was Manolo but unknown to the housemates that Manolo was just staying in a secret place of the house and he is not evicted yet for one coming from the decision of the housemates will be included in the nomination and the people will judge.

Before that, Jane and Manolo talked to each other about how hard it is to choose any of the housemates to be chosen to be evicted. The two have voted each other, they both agreed that the eviction has brought them tension. When Manolo was announced to be leaving the house, he said that he doesn’t deserve to win in the competition.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 4, 2014 #PBBHarapangEviction

The housemates then talked about the issue of choosing who among them will leave and they could not help but laugh about Joshua’s competitive response why he chose Manolo to exit.  If there was one housemate who was so affected over Manolo’s exit, he was Daniel. This is due to the fact that the two were so close and that Daniel considered Manolo as brother. Manolo chose to save Daniel but Daniel didn’t choose to save him.

While the housemates were discussing, Big Brother once again caught their attention and told them to gather. Upon their gathering, Big Brother told them to decide who among them will leave the house that evening. The housemates were stressed due to the fact that they believed that Manolo has just made its exit from the house. 

The housemates will now choose who among them will exit by making a majority decision. There were tensions among them while choosing. The fact is they did not succeed on the first, second and third until finally they have decided to evict Daniel on the fourth trial. The housemate who will be evicted will have to have 4/6 votes which is a majority number of votes from the housemates.

Not known to them, Daniel is just added to the list of nominees for this week with Manolo. The decision of the housemates has gathered a lot of comments from the netizens. It is now your turn to support either Daniel or Manolo will stay inside the PBB house.

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