Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 3, 2014: who among the housemates namely JoshuaJaneManoloDanielMarisVickie, and Loisa will step out of the house.In this episode, there is a reminder of what happened last week especially on the part of the housemates choosing the one whom they would love to save. Before the 10th eviction night, Saturday morning, the housemates felt nervous about the result of the eviction the next day that is why they spent their time dancing just to alleviate their fear and nervousness. The housemates were having fun as they danced that very morning.

And despite of this, Jane cannot avoid thinking about the eviction night. She admitted that she felt nervous about it. Aside from Jane, Fifth also felt the same thing. One of the nominated housemates, Manolo spent his time working out to control his nervousness. He said that he was trying to forget that he was nominated and he spent his time with his friends while Joshua tried to forget his nervousness by teasing Loisa.

While Joshua was happy with Loisa, Jane was not happy with Joshua’s movement wherein he admitted one thing last week and it was his feelings towards her. The eviction night came and Fifth was evicted. Because of Fifth’s eviction, Manolo felt sorry for himself for not choosing to save Fifth despite the fact that they were friends. We can still recall that Manolo chose to save Daniel.

After the eviction night, Big Brother’s surprises did not end. The thing is they were surprised when they have seen the possible prizes of the big winner and they were amazed and shouted all along. And suddenly, Big Brother called on the attention of the housemates to gather. Big Brother said to the housemates that the power to evict someone in the house will come from themselves and the eviction will be the next day. The result was Manolo should be evicted but Big Brother said that it is not yet over.

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