Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 2, 2014 #10thEvictionNight: This episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In recalled all the happenings in the entire week including all the dramas, tasks, etc. This also included the YOLO moment of the housemates wherein three of them were given a chance to fulfill them. Manolo succeeded the task that is why Loisa was given a chance to talk to her mother and Maris was given a chance also to try the zip-line.

On the other hand, Vickie had the chance to talk to her boyfriend Jason Abalos whom she had a problem with on the past weeks. Vickie waited for Jason without knowing that Big Brother already talked to him in the confession room. The housemates watched on TV how the things were progressing on the conversation of the two. Jason and Vickie were emotional when they saw each other for the first time again. Jason brought flower to Vickie and they hugged each other. They talked well to clarify all the issues that were surrounding them on the past weeks.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 2, 2014 #10thEvictionNight

After the dramatic conversation of the two, Jason confronted Daniel who was linked to Vickie inside the house. Daniel explained that he didn’t have any bad intention on Vickie because he knew for a fact that Vickie has a boyfriend and he respects that. Jason on the other hand said that he has no problem with him. And it was okay. Jason left his shirt to Vickie in the confession room as requested by the girl.
Vickie had the chance to talk to her boyfriend Jason Abalos

The housemates were nervous of what may happen with the eviction knowing the fact that four of them were nominated namely Joshua, Manolo, Fifth and Jane. Before anything, host Toni Gonzaga showed the photos of the three housemates in their YOLO moments and this was without the knowledge of the other housemates. We can still remember that Big Brother let the three housemates sleep inside the confession room where in fact they went to Pampanga for such experience.

They laughed on the three photos especially on Loisa’s saliva that went out of her mouth while on the giant swing. Then the moment of truth came and there will be one housemate who will get out of the house. The first one to be saved was Manolo, the second one was Jane followed by Joshua. It means to say that Fifth was evicted and he had to leave the house. The housemates cried over what happened.

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