What made the August 19 episode of PBB All In was the visitation of former PBB Big winner Kim Chiu. When Big Brother thanked Kim Chiu inside the confession room, she said that she will always give favor to Big Brother because it was inside the PBB house where she started and Big Brother helped her in starting her career in showbiz by giving her the chance to become a housemate and be discovered.

When Big Brother was done talking to Kim Chiu inside the PBB House, she immediately came out to meet the housemates who were surprised of her visit. Some of the housemates were about to scream but they controlled themselves because they were ashamed of her.

Kim Chiu and the housemates talked about a lot of things especially on the part of being a Big Winner. She asked the housemates about their ideas on the qualities of a Big Winner and they answered it according to their preferences. She also advised the housemates on what to do inside the PBB house on the remaining days.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 19, 2014

As a task of the housemates, Kim told them that each of them should pick one medal and wear it if they thought that they deserve to be part of the Big 4. There were only four medals but there were six of them and it only shows that two of them will not be able to wear a medal. The two housemates who were not able to wear a medal were Daniel and Loisa.

The time came when one of the housemates who were wearing a medal was evicted in the person of Joshua and she had no choice but to leave the medal when he will exit. Since Joshua was evicted from the PBB house, the medal was left and Big Brother instructed the housemates that one of them will wear the medal.

It was a hard time for both Daniel and Loisa to decide if they will wear the medal or not. Daniel took the medal and put it on Loisa’s head but Loisa removed it and put it back to Daniel. The two argued about the decision of wearing the medal until the time came when Daniel was the one who wore this.

Big Brother talked to Loisa since she didn’t have a medal and he asked her about her feelings since she was not able to wear the medal and she said that she was sad.

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