Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 18, 2014 Summary: This episode made a lot of throwbacks especially on the part of Judy Anne Santos-Agoncillo’s stay inside the house. The conversation at the dining area caught the attention of Big Brother and he was set to materialize Loisa and Maris’ asking their parents about a certain question. It will be a question that will be given to their fathers but Big Brother said that they will have to do a task so that they will enjoy the privilege.

When Joshua was evicted from the PBB House, the housemates became emotional especially Loisa and Jane who became close to him. The two could only think of the moments when they were together with Joshua. Daniel had this feeling of relief when he was not evicted and he even said “Thank You Lord.” Daniel explained that this was so important to him and his family. His dreams for his family were becoming closer now.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 18, 2014 Summary

Loisa and Maris will have to filter the sand and gather as many golds as they can and put them into a basin until the required weight for the door to open will be met. The two managed to dance and do conversation while doing the task to avoid boredom. When the two housemates were successful with their task, the door opened so that their fathers can come in.

The first one who entered was Loisa’s father and it was an emotional entrance. Loisa got the chance to talk to her father and ask the question if he still love her mother. Her father answered yes and explained everything to her. This was also the scenario with Maris’ talking to her father. It was awkward at the moment since they were not prepared but this was the moment that they’ve been waiting for.

We knew that the parents of Maris and Loisa were not married that is why as much as possible they would love to see their parents getting married someday. According to Maris, it was a sin for them to be together without getting married and she didn’t know if that will still happen or not. The thing is Big Brother materialized their dream right inside the PBB house.

There are only 6 days to go before the Big Night and there are only 5 housemates remaining who will fight for the spot. See who among them deserves to be the Big Winner. Is it Daniel, Loisa, Jane, Maris, or Vickie? Yours is the answer.

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