Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 16, 2014Things are really getting tougher as the housemates have reached the 105th day inside the PBB House. The August 16, 2014 episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In was the conclusion of the weekly task of the housemates to undergo acting training with award-winning directory Cathy Garcia – Molina. The housemates were stretched to the limit and until the very last day of their training, they were able to go through the strict compliance with the requirements of the director.

The Saturday episode of the Pinoy Big Brother All In was able to show to the people what the housemates went through for the entire week with their product calledThe Endless” on a Worldwide Free TV Premiere.

The director commented on each and every acting style of the housemate. When she was able to see lots of mistakes by the housemates, she was able to say “are we gonna shoot until evening?” which meant that they were repeating all over again and they were not able to finish anything. Big Brother talked to the director from time to time to know the improvement of the housemates and for the comments of the director to them.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 16, 2014 #PBBDirectorsCut

Vickie was the housemate who got the most comments and corrections from the director since she was not able to do very well her acting on the part of being angry. The director challenged her that she will be the one who will make her angry if she will not be able to make it. Vickie did a lot of repetitions on her lines until such time that the director said that “are you gonna just be beautiful?”

The director said to Big Brother that she was the one who was getting the punishment with the performance of the housemates. This made the housemates more and more challenged. Each of them wanted to give up but they shouldn’t.

But then despite what happened, in the end, the director still showed her concern to the housemates. She considered working with the housemates as one of the most memorable part of her life. The director explained that she wanted the housemates to know what exactly the life that lies ahead of them.

The director bid goodbye to the housemates and she almost cried. She was such a caring person that is why she wanted to housemates to improve in their skills in acting. She did a great mission inside the PBB House that the housemates will also cherish. Well, hats off to director Cathy Garcia – Molina.

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