Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 15, 2014Things are really getting tougher as the housemates have reached the 104th day inside the PBB House. The August 15 episode of Pinoy  Big Brother All In was one of the most challenging episode of the reality show since the housemates went through a strict training with award-winning directory Cathy Garcia-Molina. The housemates went through a lot of difficult times for the past days and their ways on acting were truly challenged and they were given a glimpse of the world that they were about to enter.

The housemates found it hard to do their assignments that made the director walk out. The housemates were worried about what happened since they do not know when will the director will be coming back again. The housemates spent a lot of times mastering what they should master and doing that they should do, it was hard labor for them.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 15, 2014 #PBBTakeOne

When the director went back, a light of hope appeared for the housemates. Things were not yet done for the housemates since when they woke up, they were able to see a well set-upped house with the camera men and other crew needed for the shooting. The housemates will have to do their best in order to act their part after the script was given for them to memorize.

Loisa, one of the housemates found it hard to act her part that increased the number of “takes” higher. She was constantly corrected by the director and she even experienced being scolded at times. When Loisa was able to do her part well, the director smiled secretly.

Next was Daniel who also experienced being scolded by the director. The hardest part when it came to Daniel was his accent since he was not fluent in speaking tagalog. He even insisted that he had to speak in tagalog but the director said that he needed to speak in a language that was comfortable for him.

On the last part of the episode was the scene on the dining area wherein Vickie had a hard time doing her part well. The housemates were complaining a little about their role on this part since they didn’t know where and when to enter. The director explained to Vickie that directors will not tell everything that an actor or actress will do.

It was one of the hardest parts of the housemates’ life inside the PBB house since the big night is about to come. Let us see what will happen tomorrow which is a weekend on the PBB House.

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