Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 14, 2014Things are really getting tougher as the housemates have reached the 104th day inside the PBB House. The Pinoy Big Brothe All In August 14 episode was more of director Cathy Garcia-Molina’s stay inside the PBB House. Yesterday, the director entered the PBB house and she was toured by the housemates inside. The director was observing each and every housemates and she was throwing unexpected questions that really challenged the housemates.

The housemates were given a task to deal with what the director will have to say that they may do. This was in relation to acting. On this episode, the director talked to Jane in a very personal manner. She told Maris to get out first so that she could have Jane. The director then asked Jane about several issues that she went through inside the house especially on the part wherein there were several housemates who didn’t like her. She was asked about her feelings upon knowing that there were some who were against her and she was emotional with this.

Update: Joshua, Jane and Daniel are Nominated for PBB All In 12th Eviction Night
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 14, 2014 #‎uberAwardsDay4‬

Maris was the second housemate whom direct Cathy talked to. The director asked her about forgiveness and the reasons why it is hard to forgive sometimes. Maris was able to answer them directly since the director was straightforward in asking questions.

Then the housemates were given time by the director to do acting. The director was observing them on the way they acted. When the director talked to Big Brother, she said that Daniel can act and it was surprisingly. She also said that Vickie can act as well but the thing was there was no truth in her eyes. Loisa was according to the director the one who found it hard to act. 

The director gave the housemates an assignment to do and it was about asking questions about the script given to them. When it was time to ask questions, the housemates answered according to their script. This has made the director mad. According to her, she should not ask questions she already knew the answer. According to the director she was offended and she immediately walked out of the PBB house along with her assistants. She said that she will get her things soon.

The housemates looked at each other to amazement of the director’s decision. What will happen tomorrow on their task? Will the housemates be able to complete their weekly task? Well, let us keep watching Pinoy Big Brother All In as it comes closer to its conclusion. 

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