Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 13, 2014: Things are really getting tougher as the housemates have reached the 103th day inside the PBB House. On this episode, Judy Anne was given the task to ask the housemates about the love story of their parents. When the housemates were at the dining area together with Judy Anne, they were asked one by one to tell a story as far as they can remember about their parents in terms of love.

Each of them was given a chance to answer the question and they were able to answer as far as they know. Judy Anne extracted from what they were telling and explained her thoughts to Big Brother in the confession room. Some of them also gave comments on their fellow housemates’ parents love story. Maris became emotional while telling the story of her family since her parents are not married and this is the same as Loisa’s parents. After this,  Judy Anne went out of the PBB house and the housemates cherished the moment they spent with her.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 13, 2014 #uberAwardsDay3

The next day, the housemates were awakened by several lines from movies. Big Brother then called to the confession room the leaders of the weekly task named Loisa and Joshua. They will have to give the scripts of a movie to their fellow housemates and memorize the lines and act them in front of director Cathy Garcia – Molina. Because of this, the housemates prepared instantly for their auditions. While waiting for the auditions, the housemates compared scenes.

When the director went in, the housemates toured her inside the PBB house. The auditions started and after that, the director talked to the housemates and discussed a lot of issues regarding their joining of PBB. The housemates were challenged to answer the questions thrown by the director and the episode ended with Jane answering a question and raising issues regarding her being an actress and joining the reality TV show. Stay tuned tomorrow for the continuation of the director’s interview with the housemates. Read Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 14, 2014 here.

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