Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 12, 2014The housemates are experiencing some kind of tense inside the PBB house as they exceeded a hundred days living in it with all the tasks given for them to accomplish. And since this week they have went through a lot of difficult situations wherein they needed to answer questions that might hurt somebody’s feelings, it wasn’t easy for the housemates.

Mrs. Judy Anne Santos – Agoncillo entered the PBB house as a game show host that tested the housemates’ familiarity with their fellow housemates. They went through three rounds of question and answer that would determine their status whether they will be nominated this week or not, not to mention that they might have a chance to save someone they like the moment they emerge victorious.

As a recap of the task of the housemate with Ms. Judy Anne, Vickie was the first one who got saved by herself because of winning the first round. On the second round, Maris won and she was safe. Because of winning, the two were able to battle on the third round and Maris won. After that, Maris chose Loisa to save. The remaining three, Daniel, Jane and Joshua were automatically nominated this week.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 12, 2014 #‎PBBPowerToVote‬

It wasn’t easy for the three nominees this week since they all were nervous of what might be the result. The first one who became emotional was Joshua wherein he looked at his two opponents and they were strong. Joshua cried and he was comforted by his fellow housemates.

Joshua and Jane’s emotional conflicts continued as things became worst with Loisa’s involvement. On the other hand, Daniel tried to talk to Vickie about himself and he told her a story of what happened to his life since he was still a teenager like Loisa, Maris and Joshua. 

At first, he was hesitant to talk about himself and Vickie encouraged him to say the things that he would like to say so that he will be freed from them. 

Jane said that it was not easy for her also being nominated almost every week and the trauma was still there.

The housemates were truly having a hard time inside the PBB house and some of them would like to give up but they have to continue what they have already started. Who do you think are the Big 4? Well, the four deserving housemates depend on your votes. The people are now given a chance to vote for both eviction and saving of housemates.

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