The August 10, 2014 episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In is the reuniting of the bodega housemates and the three remaining housemates. After a week full of challenges, the housemates were able to relax for a while and Big Brother gave surprises to them. When the housemates were able to go to the living room, they saw different apparels with their names. Along with the apparels were also the prices for the Big 4 and the housemates were happy with what they saw.

On the other hand, the bodega housemates were also surprised by Big Brother. We have watched how the housemates did their best in order to come back again to the house and that was depicted through their efforts on the tasks that they did. As a result, Manolo and Jane were nominated for the 11th eviction night.

Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 10, 2014 #PBB11thEvictionNight

While the housemates were dressed and given a meal surprise by Big Brother, he called Fifth inside the confession room to tell him that he should come out of the house but before that, he should leave a message to each housemate along with a question to each of them.

Fifth then left the message in the garden along with a huge gift box with the bodega housemates inside. The three remaining housemates were surprised when they saw their friends again. Big Brother then explained to them that they were not really evicted, instead they were given a chance to prove themselves.

With regards to the two possible evictees, they were asked to get inside the confession room and also said goodbye to their housemates because they cannot get back anymore once they will be evicted.  In the end, Manolo was evicted. Jane hugged Manolo tightly and bid him goodbye. Manolo was the 11th housemate who was evicted so far.

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