Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 1, 2014: who among the nominated housemates namely Fith, Joshua, Jane and Manolo will step out of the house. There were so many things that took place inside the PBB House yesterday and the housemates went through a lot of emotional moments along with the tasks that were secretly given by Big Brother to some of them. The reason why they were secret is because some of the housemates should not know what the plans are all about. Manolo, Loisa and Maris will have to disguise that they will sleep inside the confession room where in fact they were the ones who arrived in their destination the next day and the housemates were left inside the house. The housemates were unaware of what happened.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 1, 2014 #uberDOorDICE

When they arrived in the area, they were surprised of the things that they saw and the housemates will have to go through a lot of challenges starting off with the giant swing wherein Manolo started riding, next was Loisa and then Maris. Loisa shouted out loud while she was raised on the giant swing. The tendency was the housemates were released suddenly and they were caught unprepared. When it was Maris’ turn, she screamed a lot. While the three housemates were busy for the challenges, the remaining housemates were busy cleaning the house.

Another task of the housemates was the synchronization of their swing with the use of three giant swings. The thing is they had to be synchronized in everything. After this, Big Brother called Manolo and said to him that their tasks were just starting that they will face more challenging tasks in the future. Their next task was to be on a zipline. The zipline was a bit difficult since the three will have to go circular at the top though they enjoyed a lot. It was Manolo’s task to fulfill Loisa’s YOLO moment which was to do zipline and to meet her mother.

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