The Pinoy Big Brother All In August 17, 2014 Episode Summary 12th Eviction Night. The short film “Endless” by the housemates under the direction of Cathy Garcia Molina was watched by the three celebrity judges namely Tirso Cruz III, Gerald Anderson and Angelica Panganiban were invited by Big Brother inside the house. The housemates went through tough times this week as they went under training with the said director. The celebrity judges were able to comment on their acting one by one.

The rule was the celebrity housemate will give either a smiling or sad face, depending on their acting. They should gather a minimum of 12 smiling faces in order for their weekly task to be considered successful. After the commenting sessions on the housemates’ performance, they were called by Big Brother inside the confession room to announce the result of their weekly task. The housemates were able to get 13 smiling faces which meant that their weekly task was a success.

Pinoy Big Brother All In August 17, 2014 Episode Summary 12th Eviction Night

When director Cathy Garcia Molina knew that the housemates passed, she immediately went inside the PBB house to congratulate them. She was so happy considering the fact that she was their trainer and director. The director hugged them one by one and when she bid goodbye to the housemates since she needed to go out, she was carrying a big smile on her face and she considered the housemates’ success as hers too.

The highlight for this episode was the 12th eviction night wherein three housemates were nominated and endangered of being evicted. The voting system gave enough power to the people to choose who among the housemates they would like to save and to evict.

During the eviction night, the nominated housemates were nervous of the result. Joshua immediately cried when they heard Toni Gonzaga’s voice telling Daniel as safe for the eviction. Then came the time when it was either he or Jane will be evicted.

When the name of Jane was called to be safe for eviction, Joshua was emotional. He hugged everyone inside the house and the last hug was given to Loisa. Loisa and Jane were so emotional during that time. When Joshua went out of the house, he was accompanied by his father. The hosts asked him if who among the remaining five housemates was his Big winner, he was not able to answer, instead, he said that they have to prove something or do their best in order to be considered as the Big Winner.

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