We have issues everywhere. And the most common issue is with regards to relationship. Issues on relationship are manageable once they are settled. This is the reason why Face the People exists. This has the same format with the former Face to Face in TV5. This program has tabloid talk show and reality show format created by the TV5 Entertainment Group. The writers of this program are Arnel Lunca, Jake Bacud, and Teolo Veluz, directed by GB Sampedro.

Currently, the hosts of the show are Gelli de Belen, Christine Bersola – Babao and Edu Manzano. One of the former hosts of the said program was Amy Perez but she resigned due to the fact that she needed to take care of his child. She then transferred to ABS-CBN’s show called The Singing Bee. Edu Mazano was then added in replacement of Amy Perez.

The show has its Konsyensya ng Bayan which was formerly known as Trio Tagapayo. The Konsyensya ng Bayan is composed of Atty. Persida Acosta, Atty. Benedicto Acosta, Dr. Camille Garcia, Fr. Sonny Merida, Atty. Karen Jimeno and Coach Jaret Pulido.

Philippine Reality TV5 Tabloid Talk Show 'Face the People' Review

The issue is presented first, studied and understood in order to know the big thing about it. After that, the people involved are identified and invited on the program. On the program, there are instances when things become hot and emotional like someone will be attacked while he or she is sitting in front. This is normal but there is a crowd control on the program to avoid any  harm on the person.

The people involved in the issue are not shown altogether but depending on who is needed to answer a particular query. After a thorough discussion on the issue, the person involved will face the people and the pulse of the people is also gauged by means of voting. The percentage on each option will either decrease or increase.

In the end, the primary involved in the issue will have to decide by choosing one of the two options. The purpose of the Konsyensya ng Bayan is to give advice to the primary involved and to the others so that they will be able to make their life situation better.

The show has started in October 14, 2013 and is already on its new season last July 7, 2014 with Edu Manzano as the new host. Some issues may be similar to yours, so it is good to watch the Philippine Reality TV5 Tabloid Talk Show 'Face the People' .

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