The Philippines is a country of high quality products. The evidence: we export them. From agricultural crops to different kinds, we have so many things to offer. Though we have our identity as “Filipinos”, we cannot deny the evident fact that we highly influenced by Westerners and even our Asian neighbors. Though we have so many good products to share, we still prefer buying and using products from other countries. What really is the reason for this? The answer is obviously colonial mentality.

Patronizing our own products will not just help boost the economy, but also the ones who are selling them which are our “kababayans”. It is sad to know that there are so many skillful Filipino entrepreneurs who are geared towards providing high quality products for us but we fail to notice them. Just because a certain product is a famous, we tend to patronize them. And just because they are high-end, we think that they have the best quality. Think about Marikina shoes. We export them to other countries such as America and they will go back here in our country having different brands. This is what business can do.

Being a Filipino, we have all the skills needed to come up with high quality products. We cannot say that we love our country if we cannot patronize and enjoy every good thing that comes from it. Let us have a good perspective of what we purchase. We should help boost our economy because we will also benefit from it by patronizing our own products.

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