Paolo Bediones have Leads for the Uploader of Spreading Sex Video: TV host Paolo Bediones asked the help of the police to stop the spreading of his sex video. Not known to all, Paolo has been blackmailed for five years already. The primary suspects for this issue are the technicians who repaired his laptop computer. 

One of the two letters to Paolo Bediones is making him call the number indicated in it so that the sex video will not spread. On the letter, the sender said that he is impatient and the Paolo should respond quickly. Paolo has submitted his complaint against the person who spread the video to the Anti-Cybercrime Operations and Training Divisions (ACOTD) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Paolo Bediones have Leads for the Uploader of Spreading Sex Video
Paolo has been handling the said letter since 2009 and another one was sent. The only desire of the TV host is for the one who is responsible for sharing the video to be captured for he has been suffering from blackmails.

Bediones recalled that he brought his laptop on a certain technician in Quezon City and according to a report, the technician whom Bediones entrusted his laptop passed it also to another technician.

The convicted for the crime will pay 100,000 to 500,000 pesos with 3 – 7 years in jail. The video was allegedly posted on Facebook and has been viewed 1M times already. The PNP has warned the people that even those who have shared the video on social media and the like will also be charged.

There is a threat the other videos will also be uploaded and it means to say that Paolo has been suffering this kind of blackmailing for so many years. We do hope that the culprit for this crime will be caught. Paolo Bediones still continues to work amidst the issue. We will update you about Paolo Bediones have Leads for the Uploader of Spreading Sex Video in our future blog post.

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