The spirit of Pinoy Big Brother All In is also felt online through the PBB All In Top 10 Online Housemates chosen by people through voting. While this is new to everyone, the online housemates are usually give a task by Big Brother with the use of their online accounts through question and answers and the like.

The video released for the Top 10 Online Housemates depicted how the housemates sang and danced with the tune of “Pinoy Ako” as popularized by Orange and Lemons and has been the soundtrack of the reality show since its beginning. And just like what the regular housemates are going through in the PBB House, the online housemates will also undergo votation.

Complete List of PBB All In Official Top 10 Online Housemates

To know who are the Top 10 Online Housemates, here they are:

1. Daniel Bautista Jr. Daniel is 21 years old from Davao Oriental. He is dubbed as “Cutie Cum Laude ng Davao Oriental.” Daniel possesses intellectual skills being a cum laude.

2. Leslie Anne Manalastas. Leslie is 20 years old from Pampanga. Leslie is into sports and dubbed as “Varsity Chic ng Angeles.”

3. Roderic Ramo. Roderic is 33 years old from Siquijor. Roderic has a lot of experiences in life since he is a working guy. He is dubbed as “Cheerful OFW ng Siquijor.”

4. Jerik Nagera. Jerik is 18 years old from Bicol. This guy is dubbed as “Energetic Smart Boy from Bicol.” Get to know Jerik and how smart he is by watching online.

5. Noemi Robin. Noemi is 26 years old from Leyte and she believes that height is not a hindrance to success. She is dubbed as “Small But Terrible ng Leyte.”

6. Abbylenne Malong. Abbylenne is 19 years old from Palawan. She is a fan of Korean pop or K-pop and dubbed as “K-Pop Fangirl ng Palawan.”

7. Jamielyn Bolo. Jamielyn is 20 years old from Rizal. Being a college student, she is dubbed as “Cutie Kolehiyala ng Taytay.”

8. Badhar Sunga. Badhar is 26 years old from Zamboanga. Badhar is already as Certified Public Accountant and dubbed as “Cutie CPA ng Zamboanga.”

9. Almira Isabel Cayanan. Almira is 19 years old from Pampanga. Being funny and enthusiastic, she is dubbed as “Wacky Queen ng Angeles.”

10. Tonz Panes. Tonz is 22 years old from Zamboanga. She likes adventures that is why she is dubbed as “Silent Adventurer ng Zamboanga.”

Those are the Top 10 Online Housemates who made it to the list. They were able to answer questions related to their favorite housemate and why, their reaction upon knowing that they have the chance to become housemate online, their dreams and reasons for joining online housemate, the effects of being an online housemates in their daily lives, the most difficult task for them and why, and others.

Watch Top 10 Onilne Housemates: “Astig ang Pinoy” original rap song, written, edited and produced by the Top 10 below.

Big Brother has extended his house online wherein there are individuals who were given opportunities to show themselves and become know to other people. Pinoy Big Brother All In is not just limited to the television but also online.

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