The near end of the ABS-CBN Primetime Bida “Ikaw Lamang” is full of action, suspense and drama. The first part of this episode was that Natalia went home and curious if her father was angry or not. Franco immediately hugged her upon seeing her home and said that running away is not a solution to the problem. When he asked if she disappointed him, Franco said that she never disappointed him, not even once. Franco was very happy that Natalia went home. They have been searching for her.

On the other hand, Gabriel went home also to the province. His mother was very happy when he arrived and his sister said that their mother will cook delicious food again because of his arrival. They all laughed together. When his father went out to see him, his father was so excited but there was this look in their eyes that was trying to convey a particular plan of revenge.
The Past will Never be Forgotten on Ikaw Lamang August 13, 2014 Episode Summary #ILCollide

Then suddenly, things flashed back and it was revealed that everything that happened in the wedding of Natalia was Gabriel’s plan. He was the one responsible for the setting up on taking up pictures of Natalia’s fiancé with another girl. When he took photos of him, he gave them all to Natalia when the wedding was about to start. He did this by handing them to a boy whom he offered money. Everything that happened was plans of Gabriel.

There was also a flashing back of what happened during Gabriel’s childhood days wherein he knew exactly that Franco killed his parents. Because of this, he became quarrelsome and troublesome. There was this moment when he talked to his father and he explained about what he felt about the passing of Samuel, his real father. 

Another character on the second book of the teleserye came in the person of Jackielyn. While Gabriel was walking, she almost hit him while riding on a scooter. She was a happy type of girl and hardworking, though she was not able to finish schooling. She lived in a family wherein their income was repairing watches. “Life is not perfect. Only God is perfect” was her motto.

While they were talking about a lot of things, the owner of the house that they were renting suddenly came in to ask for payment. And since they did not have money to pay, Jackielyn thought of a way to divert her attention towards other matters by asking her to allow Jackielyn to do a make-over of her face. The owner of the house suddenly changed her mood.  Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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