Another Metro Rail Transit train stalled after two separate incidents these past days. As of August 17 at 10am MRT train stalled again, now its near the EDSA Buendia station , and since its engine had stopped working, it had to be pushed by another train going to the north.

Atty . Hernando Cabrera, spokesperson of the LRTA said that something wrong with the train’s machine was noticed by the driver while he was driving at around 10 a.m. The stalling caused the passengers to align and wait for the next train.

According to one passenger who was interviewed in DZMM, it took 15 minutes for them to be allowed to get out of the train and they were advised to wait for the next train where they will board. What happened was when the next train arrived, they were not allowed to ride on it and they waited for nothing, their time was wasted.

MRT Train Stalled at EDSA Buendia Station as the 3rd Incident for the Month of August
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Half-life operation had to be implemented from North Avenue to Shaw Boulevard and back at 10:30 a.m. because of what happened according to Cabrera. It was only at 11:30 a.m. that full line operation was restored.

Five days ago, an MRT train crashed along Taft on a barrier that made more than 30 passengers rushed to the hospital. This was because the coupling that was connecting trains was removed. Three days after the incident, another MRT train suddenly stuck on a railway wherein at first, the passengers were informed that the train was unloading passengers.

With this third MRT train issue, what do you think should the management of MRT do? Remember that the decrease in number of MRT trains could mean a longer line for daily passengers. Let us hope and pray that MRT can recover from this problem. Safety is still important this time as MRT trains carry a lot of passengers. Reference:

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