MRT Philippines Accidents Recorded Since 2004 up to Present: Four days ago, a Metro Rail Transit train has crashed along the barrier at Taft Station that brought fear to the passengers. Because of what happened, photos and video clips spread instantly in social networking sites that made a lot of netizens aware of the incident. Because of the technical problems, the MRT management apologized through Twitter. What exactly happened on the train?

Some trapped passengers inside the MRT train shared their experiences mixed with fear as more than 30 passengers were rushed to the hospital after what happened. According to Robert Garnado of Pasay police, the train hit an electric post that immediately shunned it. According to him, if the post did not stop the train, a bigger and more devastating problem might have occurred.

MRT Philippines Accidents Recorded Since 2004 up to Present

Considering the incident, here there were some problems that occurred.

1. The coupling was removed - 2011: This is an incident when a part of the train will be detached from the others. Since the coupling was removed, the train has nothing to do but to stop because of lack of power. Again, a bigger problem might have occurred if the electric post was not strong enough to stop the train.

2. There was no safe exit - 2004 and 2009. Since the train was in the middle of journey on the railway, there was no safe exit door for the passengers and this has resulted into panic and stampede. This is a problem that should be resolved.

3. Sudden Loss of Power - August 2014: If a train loses power, it is expected that it will stop and will lost control of its track. Because the trained lost power, the solution was it had to be pushed by a train with power but the incident was different because the train crashed along the barrier. Because of what happened, commuters were advised to avoid the area while the train was still being removed.

4. Another Train Got Stuck - 2014: Three days after the incident along Taft, another incident got stuck on railway. At first, the passengers were unaware of what happened for it was announced that the train was unloading passengers but it was soon announced that the train got stuck on the railway. This has caused delays on the appointments and businesses of the passengers. The train got stuck because of sudden loss of power that it had to be pushed by another train.

How Safe It Is to Ride on Trains as Mode of Transportation?

The incident might cause great effects on the train transportation in Metro Manila since there was already a deduction on the number of trains a few days ago due to the incident along Taft and another one took place. It was feared that the MRT train that got stuck on the railway might become dysfunctional again and will be deducted from the total number of available trains. As a result: a longer line of train passengers.

The Metro Rail Transit has been there for years serving the people by giving an alternative to commuting. And since incidents such as these happened, it is a must to check very well the trains before operating. We do hope that things will be fixed and managed well for the trains to efficiently work and avoid any harm on the part of the passengers.

On the part of the trains that got stuck and crashed on separate days, we are still thankful that no casualty was reported. This were the MRT Philippines Accidents Recorded Since 2004 up to Present.

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