You might have heard and read about Mother Teresa, an Indian Religious Catholic Sister who preferred getting out of her comfort zone just to feed a lot of sick people including those who have HIV diagnosis, leprosy, tuberculosis and the like. Because of her efforts to build the Missionaries Charity, she was able to maximize her work outside of her being a nun.

Her dedication to serve the poorest of the poor made her probably the most famous nun in the world. She won Nobel Prize in 1979 which is a prize for her selfless efforts to reach out to the fringes of the society. Her death on September 5, 1997 was mourned by people around the world. Though she is already gone physically in this world, her legacy remains and in fact, her quotes are often used to inspire others to walk to the same path where she walked.

Mother Teresa's Life and Inspiring Works

Mother Teresa just like us was also filled with so many difficulties in life as it was written in her diary. Her brave acts of overcoming them led her to be beatified and respected by so many people of various religious affiliations around the world – an archetype of kindness and selflessness that transcends time.

The rise of so many charities now around the world is an evidence of Mother Teresa’s influence and inspirations to many. While reading this post, you might desire to put up your own charity or probably inspired to help those who are working in such charities. Make a move now and save lives like Mother Teresa did.

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