Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago revealed her plan to run for presidency on 2016 elections after overcoming lung cancer. As it can be remembered, it is barely two months since she announced her illness and resigned as judge of the International Criminal Court, now she’s on her way to recovery and new political goals.

Her oncologist had given her Tarceva, which is also known as Erlotinib, to be taken for 6 weeks with the dose of a tablet a day. On August 12,2014, St. Lukes Medical Center issued their report on her PET/CT scan stating that he tumor in her left lung regressed. She knew that she needs to keep healthy with strong immune system.

Miriam Defensor Santiago will Run for Presidency on 2016 Elections after Overcoming Lung Cancer

She said that the society leaders convinced her to run for presidency. She would run if only there would be a lot of people willing to support her.

She first tried her luck for presidency on 1992 against Fidel Ramos but lost. Now, she would try again and this time with some support from the Liberal Party. She even described the visit of Sen. Manny Villar after she had announced her health condition in a press conference.

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Furthermore, she would only run if only a lot of people would support her like fr. Joaquin Bernas. The priest thinks that Pres. Benigno Aquino III should not extend his presidency anymore. He clearly supported Santiago when he asked to give her a chance.

The senator in know for her memorable quotes, cut throat statements and fearless expressions of her ideas.

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It may also be remembered that there was a hoax news about her death.  Fortunately, she rose from her illness with a new path to take. References: Interaksyongmanetwork. Abs-cbnnews

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