Fighting between husband and wife is unavoidable. This is a normal thing that occurs and some would refer to it as a spice in a relationship. But when it is too much, the effect would be salty and bitter. A husband and a wife should see to it that these things are met during their fighting:

Should be hidden from their children. When their children will see them fight most of the times, there is a tendency for their children to grow up with that kind of perspective also. If possible, keep it inside the room or on any place without the presence of the children.

Marital Fighting Can Affect Children’s Behavior
No using of vulgar words. The words that we say cannot be taken away from the minds of the people who hear them. Well, forgiveness and remorse is possible but the effect could be more serious than we know. Let us think twice of the words that will come out our mouth.

Do not break furniture. There are husbands and wives who are fond of breaking their furniture when they fight. This is not good since the amount of money spent over the furniture will be wasted. Imagine your efforts to have the furniture and the money you saved just to bring them at home.

Avoid blackmailing. One of the things that will destroy a relationship is blackmail. You might know a lot of things about your husband or wife but do not use them to ruin their reputation.

It is good to practice love, patience and forgiveness at home in order to build a family that will stand the test of time.

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