Manolo Pedrosa was evicted from the PBB house as the result of the 11th eviction night of PBB All In. Previously Manolo Pedrosa was one of evictee from the BB house for Back-to-back-to-back Eviction August 3, 2014 by garnering the most number of votes from fellow housemates.

The ninth contestant/housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother house was Manolo Pedrosa. This young guy is dubbed as "Wonder Son ng Quezon City." At his age, he is still single and he didn't have any experiences of having a girlfriend. Being a teenage is probably the most challenging time in the life of Manolo especially now that he has entered the Big Brother house wherein he will stay for a hundred days dealing with people with different personalities and most of them are younger than he.

Manolo Pedrosa Evicted from PBB All In 11th Eviction Night August 10, 2014

Manolo came from a family that runs a business and his parents are managing their business. He is also the youngest of 5 siblings and he’s into jet skiing and hiking. His attitude is that he is more open to her mother with regards to his issues in life. In terms of sports, he loves playing basketball, badminton and Frisbee and his popularity among girls in his school is undeniable. He is a heartthrob in his school and despite of this, he never had a girlfriend and this has something to do with his obedience to his parents.

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