This is unbelievable. The video of a math wizard kid went viral as it impressed a lot of people. The kid answered a lot of square root problems that the questioner has thrown. The thing is, one of the most hated subjects, probably is math because of its difficulty, except for those who love numbers. And this kid has shown his mathematical skill without using a calculator any related device.

The kid answered the square root of four, eighty one, one hundred sixty nine, four hundred forty one, eight hundred eighty eight, one, negative one, one thousand two hundred twenty five, and one thousand six hundred eighty one. The kid answered all of them that amazed those who were listening.

Manila Math Wizard Kid’s Video Went Viral

The video is owned by Chealsea Mae S. Luzan who is a student of the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) that reached up to 24,000 shares from people and has been viewed 114,460 times already since it was uploaded. This is evidence that there are so many people who appreciated the kid. According to a report made by ABS-CBN, the kid was seen asking for coins in exchange for his mathematical skills.

This brilliant minded kid should be given a chance to go to school and study. We need kids like this who might become leader and inventor in the future. The uploader of the video did a great job in sharing the kid. Another thing is that the kid was asked by simple mathematical problems but he insisted that he wanted to answer square root problems. This is amazing!

There are gifted children out there waiting to have an opportunity. With regards to this kid, he will have a better future if given a chance to enhance his mathematical skills more. This is more than an average kid can do.

What if this Manila Math Wizard Street Kids studied on Classical Mental Arithmetic?

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