From actual step-by-step tutorials on how to put makeup by female aficionados comes a worldwide trend on the hashtag #MakeUpTransformation. If you are familiar with the tutorials taught by females in terms of applying makeup, you probably have an idea about the four picture frames at a time. The thing is, there are so many males and females who became instant celebrities with their photos put in the frames showing how to apply makeup and then in the end they will become celebrities.

There are applications that can be used for this trend and you can also do this manually if you want to. Since the start of the trend, several photos were already uploaded on Facebook turning themselves into somebody. There were even creative people who turned themselves into an object. Well, this is what technology can do nowadays.

Make Up Transformation Photos with Hash Tag #MakeUpTransformation Went Viral

To give you an example of famous people who turned themselves into somebody through makeup transformation, they are “Pambansang Bayaw” June Sabayton , Youtube sensation Bogart the Explorer, Radio DJ Gino Quillamo, and many more, see photos below.

Any ordinary person can do this and upload in his or her social networking account. You can post your funniest pictures to imitate someone. Well, the technique is that you are going to as much as possible, imitate the attire and looks of the product picture and everything goes with your creativity.

Expect that more and more photos will be uploaded on social media because of this trend. Almost everyone have their own mobile phones with applications and more and more are becoming knowledgeable on photo editing softwares that is why things like this become viral and trending.

Do you have the urge to make your own makeup transformation photos? Well, this is just for fun. Let us not take life seriously. Let us allocate for ourselves a space to laugh and just enjoy life. More photos please.

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