Loisa Andalio evicted from PBB All In 13th and Final Eviction Night as of August 23, 2014. Pinoy Big Brother has come into conclusion on who will be this season’s “Big 4” on its PBB All In and that happened because Loisa Andalio was evicted on the 13th Eviction Night.

The housemates went through a series of very personal tasks this week tested not only their reasoning but also their attitudes. The housemates went through interviews and training that developed them eventually.
And since the people have chosen Loisa Andalio to be evicted, it means to say that Maris RacalDaniel MatsunagaJane Oineza, and Vickie Rushton were the Big 4 and they were subject for tomorrow’s Big Night of PBB All In, August 24, 2014.

Loisa Andalio Evicted from PBB All In 13th and Final Eviction Night as of August 23, 2014

When host Toni Gonzaga was about to reveal the Big 4, the housemates were nervous of the result. The first name that Toni called was Maris, followed by Daniel, Jane and then Vickie – they comprised the Big 4. And since the people have chosen Loisa to be evicted, it means to say that the four housemates who were left inside the PBB house will vie for the title as Big Winner.

Big Brother announced the mechanics of voting, and this time a single sim can only vote once per day. It means to say that a sim can vote BBS and BBE once only and the scores will be reset to zero. The scores will then be tabulated to see who among the housemates has the most votes for the win.

Big Brother gave the four housemates the chance to convince the people to vote for them while they were standing at the platform. They grabbed the chance to tell the people the reasons why the deserve their votes.

To the Big 4 winners, congratulations, and to the people who will choose the Big Winner, it is important to know very well so that you will be able to choose the one who deserves to have the crown. Good luck to the four remaining housemates who are vying for the Big Winner. Do not miss the finale of this year’s Pinoy Big Brother edition.

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