Trending Photo of Kayla Leviste on Her Dirty Finger on a Photograph with Kiefer Ravena: A photo of a girl named Kayla Leviste with Ateneo star, Kiefer Ravena became trending on Twitter with the hash tag #RespectForUAAPPlayers just after the victory of Ateneo Blue Eagles against University of the East in overtime at the Mall of Asia Arena

The said image, showing Kayla putting up her middle finger to Kiefer, caused rage and degrading criticisms including from Ravena’s rumored girlfriend, La Salle volleyball star, Mika Reyes on the girl. Some ADMU Blue Eagles fans described her as someone without respect towards the player.

Kayla Leviste's Photo Showing Her 'Dirty Finger' with Kiefer Ravena

It brought even further disruptions since Kayla was wearing a varsity jacket of DLSU, a “rival” team. However, according to reports, the girl isn’t a student of De La Salle University but of Assumption College.

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Being shared multiple times over Facebook, a social networking site and Twitter; Kayla had no choice but to deactivate her Facebook and Twitter account to avoid more harassment over the internet.  Some fans and netizens however, are still in search for her actual identity. The motives of the girl’s stunt are still unclear.

Kayla Leviste's Photo Showing Her 'Dirty Finger' with Kiefer Ravena tweets

Moreover, a lesson should be learned from this incident. One should be careful with the things he/she does especially if it is in public. Respect should also withstand, not just in games or to the players, but to everyone in general. This goes especially to those who carry the names of their Alma Matter, universities, colleges, institutes, etc. Bashing the person “at fault” doesn’t help either.
Update: The Photo has been removed and Kayla Leviste apologized and admitted her mistake according to @UAAP_updates tweet.

Latest Update: Kiefer Ravena accepts Kayla Leviste's Apology about Photo Showing Her 'Dirty Finger' with Him

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