Joshua, Jane at Daniel are Nominated for PBB All In 12th Eviction Night this coming weekend. There are only two weeks left for the Pinoy Big Brother All In before its conclusion. And since it has already exceeded a hundred days, things are becoming more and more challenging to the remaining housemates because nominations are too personal. In fact, this past days, the housemates were able to answer a lot of questions regarding themselves from Fifth and also from Mrs. Judy Anne Santos-Agoncillo.

On the first round of the task “Do You Know Game” that Big Brother gave to the housemates, Vickie was able to save herself by answering correctly a lot of questions regarding the former housemates. On the second round, each housemate gave questions for their fellow housemates to answer and the result was Daniel and Joshua got two points, Jane got four points, Loisa got six points and Maris got seven points. Because of this Maris was saved. Since Maris and Vickie were safe for the eviction, they were the ones who battled on the third round and whoever will win between them will have the chance to save one housemate.

Joshua, Jane and Daniel are Nominated for PBB All In 12th Eviction Night

On the third round, the two housemates answered uniform questions against each other and they have to see to it that they will answer correctly. Maris won over Jane and she got the chance to save one. Maris was able to save her friend Loisa since according to her, Loisa has a lot to prove though she has proven a lot of things already.

Here are some information for the latest nominated housemates:

Brazilian-Japanese Daniel Matsunaga according to his statement is expected to show the real he. There are so many fans out there who are so excited over Daniel’s entry who is dubbed as “Hunk of the World ng Makati.” Daniel really is a hunk and that is depicted through his physical built. What could be the best thing that he could offer inside? Well, we will see what will happen inside.

Joshua Garcia is dubbed as "Tatay's Boy ng Batangas," and introduced on Sunday. Joshua at his young age would like to prove that being young has the capacity to become an influence to others just like what he is about to do inside the Big Brother House.

Jane Oineza is the daughter of Jennifer Urbano Oineza and Erwin Oineza who is dedicated to making a movie at a very young age. The movie is called “Bakit Papa.” Since she already graduated from “Goin’ Bulilit,” her sister Noemi is the one who took over her position.

The mechanics for texting now is different from before since each sim has an allowable number of 60 votes. These votes are divided into two: 30 votes to evict (BBS) and 30 votes to save (BBE). The people are now given extra power to either save or evict someone from the PBB house. May everyone make use of this opportunity well.  The nominees for this week are Daniel, Joshua and Jane.

Update: Joshua Garcia Evicted from PBB All In 12th Eviction Night August 17, 2014

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