Pinoys are sad over the sudden unavailability of chicken joy and other products of Jollibee lately due to its system upgrade. Jollibee chicken joy has been one of the most famous fast food chain foods in history and since it suddenly became unavailable for Filipinos to avail, more netizens have shown their sentiments on this.

One netizen said that chicken joy is the only thing that makes her life happy and since it is gone, things will never be the same again. Well, we can say that this may be a simple issue but it has a great impact on others especially those who have been patronizing the chicken joy for so many years. Complaint was on the air.

Pinoys Were Saddened Over the Sudden Unavailability of Jollibee Chicken Joy #ChickenSad

Again, system upgrade is the reason why there are several products from Jollibee that are not available for the moment. In fact, Harvey Ong, Jollibee vice president said that this is just temporary, and after the upgrade, the classic products and favorites from the fast food chain will be back again for consumers. The hashtag #ChickenSad? became viral because of what happened. 
From kfcphilippines Facebook Page
On the being viral of the issue, KFC, one of Jollibee’s counterparts has offered its chicken product with the slogan #CHICKENSAD? THERE’S A SO GOOD SOLUTION FOR THAT

We’ll there are Jollibee lovers who are waiting for the return of the products and we hope that it will be sooner. The management of Jollibee after explaining the reason why their products are unavailable for a particular time thanked them for bearing with them. Meanwhile, this issue has generated both positive and negative comments from netizens.  There were people who appreciated this and there were those who didn’t.

Well, no matter what happens, personally, my concern is on the return of the Jollibee products that I loved for such a long time.

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