Jam Sebastian of Jamich’s Condition Updates as of August 16, 2014: We were informed about the condition before of Jam Sebastian, half of Jamich on which he had a stage 4 lung cancer. Because of this, he went through medication wherein several pictures of him on hospital bed were uploaded in social media that gathered support from Jamich’s fans.

We also have watched his girlfriend proposed on him and how he held on to his faith and hoped that he will recover someday. And the good news is that after 5-months of his several chemo-therapies, Jam is on his last term of therapy.

Jam thanked those who have been there during his medications and his supporters on social media who prayed for him. One of Jam’s main inspirations was his girlfriend who had been there for him, encouraging him to fight and look into a bright future ahead of them.

Jam Sebastian of Jamich’s Condition Updates August 2014: Positive on his Chemo-Therapies

Jam Sebastian assured the fans of Jamich that they will do instantly a short film just like that they were doing before when he recovers. There were so many fans out there that were waiting for Jamich’s come back on Youtube as a sensation.

Jamich has starred in several shot films on Youtube that brought not only entertainment to the viewers but also relevant lessons that they can apply to their daily lives.

If you are a fan of Jamich, continue praying for Jam who is still battling with cancer and hope one of these days we will see him recover from what he went through. The country is waiting for another video that will be uploaded on Youtube from the engaged couples.

Jamich’s life story was also featured on Magpakailanman last May wherein Yassi Pressman and Jake Vargas starred on the drama since Jam cannot come on taping due to his condition.

Share this good news to all Jamich fans around the world that they will be updated of what is happening to Jam's Lung Cancer.

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