You might be doing the same routine as I do. When I go to sleep, I usually play music to calm down and relax my mind. After a few minutes I am on my REM sleep. Most of the times, I store files on my computer or cellphone just to have a non-stop playing sounds all throughout the evening until I wake up and I find it so relaxing and comforting to have that kind of feeling when you are interrupted on your sleep the entire span of slumbering.

While most of us are not comfortable with hearing a lot of sounds when sleeping, it is good also for people who have a very stressful lifestyle to listen to the kinds of music that will keep their cool. What I do when I don’t have a pile of music in my laptop is go to YouTube and play long videos, usually an hour, or two, or more, depending on the length of need. Listening to Long Playing Music while Sleeping
Try this one and you will be satisfied with your playlist of music. You can choose from the myriad uploads the kind of sounds you would like to hear the whole night through. As of me, I go into instrumental piano music, nature sounds and love songs to lullaby me. This is my starting point in sleeping and I’ve been practicing this for years. If you would like to create your own account in YouTube to upload your own music, it would be better since you will be able to help others rest in the evening as well with your choice of relaxing and good sounds. Have a happy slumber everyone!

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