When we talk about personality, it is a very broad issue. With so many theorists of different concepts of personality, there will be a hard time for us to determine which among those theories we will rely with. Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Abraham Maslow, Gordon Allport and many more are just some of the theorists we can depend on their theories in order for us to know more about what personality is all about.

In ancient times, there were already studying in personality, and it came from the word “persona” which means “mask”.  With this, we can see a hint of what personality is all about though this is very hard to define because of so many descriptions we are still unable to finalize our claims. It is good for us to study theories of personality because this will give us insights on different theories that we might want to live with.

The Importance of Theories of Personality

In the end, it is still you who will decide on what theories to choose. And don’t ever think that this not important because too many people depend their studies on other peoples’ attitudes with the concepts of personality. If you want to become an expert on this, you may take a course related to it or you can also make use of online materials to read.

In order to have a good relationship with someone, it is important to learn about their ways. And with the help of theories of personality studies, you will not just learn how to deal with them but also to help them become better individuals.

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