The 'Ikaw Lamang August' 14, 2014 episode Summary started at the jewelry store showing Natalia with her childhood friend when she happened to meet Gabriel talking to someone over his phone. When they met, they greeted each other and Gabriel pretended that the one he will be meeting supposedly did not come. And it also happened to Natalia that is why they decided to go for a dinner. When Natalia asked Gabriel where they will go, Gabriel answered “where you will be going will also be the place where I’ll go” and that was the reason why they've been together.

While on a date, they were talking about life and Gabriel said to Natalia that she had a good life. While they were dining, Natalia went to the comfort room and while Gabriel was waiting for her, someone happened to see him from the outside, it was Jackielyn. Jackie then went inside the restaurant to catch the attention of Gabriel and when she did a scandal, Gabriel was unable to hear her. This made her mad and went closer to Gabriel to deal with the issue. And since Gabriel was worried that his plans will be affected by the commotion, he gave Jackie his contact information.

Ikaw Lamang Summary: Gabriel's Plan Continues on August 15, 2014 Episode #ILTangled

The following day, Jackie decided to call him but Gabriel was not answering. Jackie then went to the place on the calling card as Gabriel’s address but she was not able to find him there. The security guards brought Jackie out because of what she did.

Natalia was able to witness the commotion between Gabriel and Jackie that is why she went out of the restaurant fast through the exit door. When Gabriel went to Natalia’s house to say sorry, Natalia said that she was not ready to be in a relationship with someone and she was not willing to take the risk. That made Gabriel down since his plans will be affected.

Jackie was still unable to find again Gabriel that is why while walking home, she happened to see a newscaster covering a certain incident that caused traffic to the area. Due to her desperation, she called on the attention of Gabriel through the camera. While doing this, he happened to see Gabriel went out of a car and she pointed on him. Jackie then confronted her and Gabriel asked her once again who does she wants from him?

The last part of the episode was when Franco brought out of a certain box a picture of Isabelle and he went to a prison where Samuel was there. Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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