The 'Ikaw Lamang August' 14, 2014 episode started when Jackielyn was distributing flyers about “Key to Your Heart” which was the name of their key duplication business. It was their family business and everyday Jackielyn would distribute flyers to a bunch of people just to increase in customers.

With regards to suitors, Jackiely had a lot of them. One of her suitors was a rich Chinese guy, another one was a basketball varsity player, and then a nerd in the class. Jackielyn never had a feelings for them and that was the reason why until now she hasn’t found the right one for her.
Everything Happened for a Reason with Natalia on Ikaw Lamang August 14, 2014 Episode Summary #ILRound1

While Gabriel, his father and another companion were eating at a restaurant, Jackielyn with her friend were also there. Jackielyn was talking about destiny during that time and Gabriel was eagerly listening and absorbing all the things that Jackielyn were saying.

When Gabriel saw that Natalia was coming, he was able to follow her by borrowing a car in order for him to pretend that he has a car dealing business. When Gabriel rushed to follow Natalia, he was able to hit Jackielyn’s parked scooter that destroyed it. As a consequence, Jackielyn walked home with the scooter. At home, her mother thought that she was raped, but then she explained that her scooter was only destroyed. Jackielyn tried to fix the scooter.

When Gabriel sent Natalia home, he and Natalia were able to meet James, Natalia’s fiancé. During that time, James forced Natalia to go with him but Gabriel shunned it. Gabriel was about to punch James but he was able to control himself. James said to him that he will remember the day and Gabriel will pay for what he did.

Natalia was falling for Gabriel but she didn’t know that Gabriel has an evil plan to revenge for the death of his mother and everyone that Franco harmed. When Gabriel was talking to Natalia on a diner, Gabriel remembered the lines that Jackielyn said on a restaurant and she said these to Natalia. Natalia was surprised that Gabriel knew such things and he admitted his feelings towards her. Natalia then smiled and she could not believe that Gabriel will have feelings towards her. When Natalia asked Gabriel if he knew her already, Gabriel answered that she was a senator’s daughter but Natalia said that she was more than that.

There are so many revelations about the characters tomorrow so keep watching Ikaw Lamang on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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