Gabriel needed Jacq to explain everything to Natalia. He said that Jacq gives him bad luck. He wanted her to fix his relationship with Natalia. When she learned that Salvacion is in Negros, she backed out. She’s focused on finding money to pay their house rent that had been due for months. He promised to pay for it if only she would go with him, but she was still undecided.

When she arrived home, her parents were distressed, because their landlady was starting to take their things out of the house. She convinced the landlady that if she kicks them out, then she wouldn’t be able to find them and ask for payment. Jacq then promised to pay the next day.

Meanwhile, in the garage shop where Gabriel works, a workmate told Calixto how lucky he would be if Gabriel marries a daughter of a senator. The coworker hinted that he knew Calixto was doing a dirty underground job. He got annoyed and went to the condo to see Gabriel. He didn’t know that his son went to Salvacion.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang August 27, 2014 Episode Summary: Hearts Grow Fonder

Gabriel met Jacq at the airport. She made him promise that he has to take her home “puro at busilak”. He grabbed her to get their tickets, the exact time Samuel enters the scene. Unfortunately, the son did not meet his father.

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In the plane, Jacq admitted that it was her first time to board a plane. She was so scared that Gabriel suggested her to count in her mind. She did this, but it was to no avail. He was amused by her antics that he decided to make fun of her. He suggested to her that she you put her left hand on her mouth and her right had should pinch her nose. She soon noticed that she was tricked , since she couldn’t breath. He called her gullible. She got angry until he pointed out that she did not even noticed that they already took off. He couldnt stop grinning when Jacq got nervous during a turbulence. She said that she didn’t want to die with him.

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He looked at her carefully as she was praying for her life, and he thought he had seen her in the past way before they formally met. He then decided it was when she almost hit hin with her scooter.

Unfortunately their flight was redirected to Mactan and they needed to stay together in one room. She freaked out despite his assurance that she’s not his type. She called her mom and told her where she was. Her mom got worried when she learned where Jacq was going.

Natalia toured their mansion and saw her mom’s portrait. She wondered if her life would have been better if only her mom was there.

What would Natalia think when she sees Jacq, the girl who bears a resemblance with her mom? Would Salvacion be the key to their past? Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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