Filipinos are endowed with talents that impressed the world and one evidence of it is the winner of the recently concluded 18th World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in Hollywood, California. The victory of these Filipinos is our victory as well.

Lloyd Montebon and the rest of the Xtreme Dancers shared a parcel of their talents during the Mornings@ANC that impressed the people. Lloyd expressed his gratitude for winning the contest that really gave him the nervousness considering the fact that he has to compete with other 53 countries. For the record, he won the Junior Grand Vocalist of the World and Junior Grand Champion Performer of the World award. He is from Davao. Montebon advised his fellow youth to practice more in order to perfect everything since he started practicing and singing since he was just 7 years old.

Filipino Winners at the 18th (WCOPA) World Championship of Performing Arts 2014

Xtreme Dancers' Macz Azama and Jay-R Melody won the Senior Grand Champion Dance Group of the World and Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World during the competition. Talking about the humble beginnings of the group, according to them, it has started in the year 2000 until they joined so many competitions. Last March, they have competed in Tokyo, Japan and they won. A talent scout from Davao helped them become part of the world championship competition.

The inspirations of the group are those people that they are watching who are performing in Youtube. They try to watch the videos and learn about their moves. After that, they are going to innovate until such time that they have their own original moves developed. Rod Dannielle Caralde, Grand Finalist Junior Vocals Division Champion; Manilyn Reyes, Grand Finalist and Senior Female Model Division Champion; and multi-medalists RJ Buena, Rose Palasigue and Angela Aguilar were also with them during the competition.

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