Fifth Solomon was evicted from the PBB house for 10th Eviction Night August 2, 2014 by garnering the smallest number of votes. The result of the 10th eviction night of PBB All In has given to Fifth Solomon, one of the housemates, its exit from the house.  Robert “Fifth” Solomon Dubbed as “Brad Kulit ng Pasay was one of the nominated housemates along with Joshua, Jane and Manolo.

The housemates were nominated because they failed to have the “ligtas” necklace from their respective housemate. That is not just it since they have to go through challenges or obstacles to prove to the housemate that they want to save that they have done their best to save him or her. On the task, almost everyone went through a hard time but succeeded except for Fifth that added Manolo to the list of nominees this week. The initial nominees were Fifth, Joshua and Jane since nobody saved them.

Fifth Solomon Evicted from PBB All In 10th Eviction Night August 2, 2014

Fifth owns a hamburger chain owner and Chariz Solomon’s brother. Chariz is a comedienne in GMA-7.  Fifth aside from being a business owner, he is also a model and has appeared in TV commercials and shows. He is about to prove his difference with his twin inside the Big Brother House knowing that they will end up competing since both of them are housemates.

The Percentage of Votes for 10th Eviction Night August 2, 2014 are shown below.
PBB All In 10th Eviction Night August 2, 2014 Final Percentage of Votes

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