This is another trivia from the Gilas Pilipinas, a basketball team from the Philippines which is now in in Miami, training for the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain this August. Aside from the event in Spain, the Gilas Pilipinas will also go to South Korea in September for a tournament. With the games of the team outside of the country, it is a must for them to leave their loved ones such as wife, kids, relatives and friends in the country. The result would be homesickness.

According to them, having homesickness is their main enemy for the tournament. Imagine going to different countries for a long time. And in order to solve this issue, the Gilas Pilipinas has found a way in order for them to manage their homesickness by means of the “Lonely Hearts Club Wives.” And because the Gilas Pilipinas are far away from home, the wife of their coach Chot Reyes named Cherry hosted dinner for the group which includes the loved ones of the Gilas Pilipinas as reported by GMA News.

FIBA Basketball World Cup: Gilas Pilipinas and the Lonely Wives Club

This act of kindness from the wife of the coach increases the confidence of the Gilas Pilipinas. The team is doing its best in order to improve more and increase in endurance that is why training is being done. The Gilas Pilipinas has impressed the Filipinos in their games and they are trying to fight for the pride of the country. Well, their victory is the victory of the entire country that is why we have to show our support to the team for their efforts and sacrifices just to bring home the trophy.

Gilas Pilipinas is not giving up in its quest for victory. And since we live in the same country where they live and have the same culture as they do, let us give our best support. Fight Gilas Pilipinas!

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