Fernando ‘Enzo’ Pastor’s wife is now considered a prime suspect in the racing champ’s murder on June 12,2014. The police believe that the motive roots from a love triangle with Dahlia Guerrero, the victim’s wife, considered as a primary suspect who allegedly plotted with arrested businessman Domingo “Sandy” de Guzman III and Pasay City policeman PO2 Edgar Angel.

According to Police Director Benjamin Magalong, Detection Group chief and PNP Criminal Investigation, Guerrero helped assisting in her late husband’s murder.

Chief Inspector Rodelio Marcelo, said in a press briefing at the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) that de Guzman has a romantic affair with Guerrero . As this case had such a turn out , a manhunt had been launched to find her.

Enzo Pastor Case Story and Latest News Updates

Edgar Angel was arrested in Quezon City last August 23 for selling illegal drugs. He was then pointed to be the gunman who shot Pastor. He then confessed that de Guzman is his friend. De Guzman offered 100,000 pesos if he would kill Pastor. The payout had been a way to arrest de Guzman because he did not know that the gunman is under surveillance. They are now both detained in QCPD.

It could be remembered that Pastor died immediately of gunshot wounds on his head. According to the primary investigation, after shooting the victim, the suspect just walked towards a motorcycle with a driver like nothing happened.

Pastor was supposed to transport a race car to Batangas from Pampanga when the incident happened. There had been various speculations on motives such as racing bets and hidden grudge.

Pastor’s family is grateful for the development of their family member’s case, though they were surprised about the connection of his wife in the case. References: Inquirergma

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