Dionisia Pacquiao, the mother of The People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao has a full name of Dionisia Dapigran Pacquiao born on May 15, 1949. Because of what she did and her being active in the television, modeling, etc. she is considered as the most popular mother in the Philippines nowadays. Ironically, Dionisia didn’t want Manny to become a boxer but rather a priest. This has urged Manny not to tell her about his secret training. And when the time came that Manny became champion, Dionisia became supportive of him.

Dionisia’s first husband is Alfonso Silvestre but there is no information or news regarding the identity of Alfonso, but it is her second husband whom she was with 20 years is whom she conceived Manny. Dionisia’s one very memorable moment was during her 60the birthday wherein she celebrated with people close to her. She said that she was unable to have a debut party due to the fact that she didn’t have money and her 60th birthday compensated for what she missed.

Dionisia Pacquiao Known as Mommy D Biography

During the fight of Manny, Dionisia is there. The thing is she is easily noticed in the camera though she is in the audience seat because of her gestures. Dionisia is also known to be religious, a devoted catholic wherein she clashed with Manny’s change of religion from being a Catholic to an Evangelical Christian. She obliged Manny to go back to his previous religion and somehow had a problem with Manny’s pastors.

The most popular mother is rumored to have a boyfriend and Manny affirmed it. Manny gave advice to his mother to give her life to Jesus rather than anything in this world. Though this is so, Dionisia denied the claim that she has an affair with anyone, instead, she said that she has many suitors.

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