Vhong Navarro will not settle with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo regarding the cases filed against them.  This was confirmed by his lawyer Alma Mallonga. According to her, Navarro’s showing up on Monday: 4th of August at the Taguig Regional Trial Court is a sign that he “respects” the process but there is no plan of settling the case and the battle will continue for Navarro.

We can still remember that Vhong Navarro was mauled at Deniece Cornejo’s condo unit in Taguig last Januar 22, 2014. Because of that, the actor and TV host filed cases against Lee and company. The two cases were grave coercion and serious illegal detention. Going back to the hearing process, a report says that Navarro during the hearing did not come to the exact floor but stayed at the second floor. It means to say that he was not able to meet Cedric and the others according to the news. His lawyer said that he has no plans of settling the case.

Navarro Won’t Settle with Lee, Cornejo According to His Lawyer

If we are to go back to what happened few months ago, we can say that this case became sensational. CCTV footages were also released and revealed to the public that made them part of finding out the truth about the case. On the CCTV footages taken, Navarro was brought to a police precinct for “blotter” purposes. The issue then became hotter as Deniece Cornejo filed a rape case against Navarro but later dismissed by the Department of Justice. This has made Deniece Cornejo’s camp react.

Right now, the issue is discreet but still the people could remember how it became popular online and on television until so many reactions were given by netizens. Vhong Navarro went back to work in It’s Showtime with Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario and many more.

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