ABS-CBN Network’s “Ikaw Lamang” continues to inspire people to watch because of its good storyline and casting. This is now the second book of the teleserye featuring different prominent personalities in the showbiz industry.

On the episode, Natalia was so excited to get married with her fiancé. She, together with her tita Tessie prepared a lot for her near wedding. Cindy, Natalia’s childhood friend reminded her of the times when she had a big crush on Prince William. Meanwhile, Tessie and Franco had an intimate moment and not known to all, they have been into a relationship for a long time.

On the wedding day, Natalia was so excited to go to church and when she went out of the house, cameras were everywhere. When she arrived at the church, a kid suddenly went closer to the window of her car and gave her an envelope containing pictures of her fiancé with another girl. That made Natalia angry and sad.

When Natalia entered the church, she suddenly broke up and ran away without any plans of continuing the wedding anymore. Natalia went to a certain bar and drank liquor. A group of men then tried to harass her but suddenly Gabriel went to rescue her from the group of men.
First Glimpse of Coco Martin as Gabriel and Kim Chui as Andrea on August 12, 2014 Episode Summary #ILIntent

They followed the two but to no avail. Natalia and Gabriel went to a certain place where they were able to talk and Natalia told a story about what happened. Gabriel then thought of a way for Natalia to avenger herself. They went to the guy’s house and Natalia punched him along with Gabriel.

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They hurriedly went out and after a few minutes, her father with his team arrived to maul the guy. Outside, Natalia and Gabriel were cheering but hurrying. Natalia broke a car with a plate name of Mc  Queen only to find out that it was not the guy’s car. The owner of the car then arrived to accuse them but Natalia and Gabriel hurriedly went out.

The two celebrated for their victory. Natalia thanked Gabriel for what he did. Gabriel was about to kiss Natalia but the girl suddenly vomited. The two laughed together and Natalia said sorry.

On the last part of the episode, a certain “Kim Chiu” on the character of Andrea, one of Isabelle’s daughters rode a scooter. When Natalia woke up, Gabriel was not there anymore but he left a contact information along with the home address so that Natalia can contact him.  Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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