It is good to make use of social networking sites such as facebook in order to connect with others and make friends with them. Because of making connections by means of adding friends, commenting on posts, chatting, liking of pages and joining groups, you can have lots of privileges maximizing your usage of this free site.

Recently, we have read and heard from the news crimes related to social media. The reason for this is too much exposure of people in the social networking sites. Imagine posting a picture that could tempt someone and make him interested of you. The next thing would be meeting somewhere else in order for the criminal’s plan to execute.

Avoid Putting Too Much Information about You in Facebook

There are recommendations with regards to making use of facebook. In fact, most companies would require their employees to put their real names and addresses in their accounts for security purposes. Though this is a requirement, it is still important to have a secured account. Do not let somebody else outside of your circle of friends have a transparency of your account. You have to make use of the account setting button of facebook wisely and if it is necessary, remove friends that you suspect would lead you to harm.

Also, do not put pictures that are tempting that will give birth to their hidden desires. It is good to post pictures about a certain event or occasion but as much as possible, give limitations to yourself. There are so many people who failed to execute this safety measure: Avoid Putting Too Much Information about You in Facebook.

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