Natalia finally met Jacq. Natalia was shocked to see Jacq’s face. She wanted to know why she looked a lot like her mom. Jacq insisted that maybe she just incidentally resembles Isabelle. Jacq also thought that she saw Natalia somewhere before, and that is in the newspapers about her wedding. Gabriel said that she was not helping at all. He explained that he was not seeing someone else. Jacq told her the story why she was at his place. She asked Natalia to give him another chance.

Natalia smiled at him and she seemed relieved by the truth. She finds it sweet of him to go after her just to explain. She asked why he never told her that Jacq is a girl. So he said he doesn’t think Jacq as a girl but rather a toothpick. He formally asked for forgiveness and second chance. Natalia finally forgave him. Jacq heard this and she seemed sad.

Natalia excitedly told Tessa, on the phone, that she thought she saw her mom. Tessa was shocked to know that Isabelle is alive. Tessa told her that she should not tell her father that she met someone who looked like her mom. Tessa asked for Jacq’s full name to investigate.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang August 29, 2014 Episode Summary: Arising Suspicions

Tessa thought that Franco should not know about the chance that Isabelle is alive. She told him to give his daughter some space.

Jacq told Gabriel that she did not know that Natalia was rich. She was sad that Natalia mistook her as her mom. Gab said her face looks ordinary, so it was not surprising that she looked like someone. She than asked him to give her a tour around the place, but he claimed that it was his first time to be there too. She told him that he seemed to know the place. He lied by saying that he did some research before they went there. She said that she somehow feel that she had been in that place before, like a deja vu. He teased her and said that maybe some spirit is following her.

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Natalia volunteered to give them a tour around the sugarcane plantation. Jacq said that she was happy to meet Natalia because she thought such rich people only exist in movies. Gab said he wanted to leave but Jacq insisted to have the tour. She was excited and sat at the front seat of the van but Gab told her to move at the back so he can sit with Natalia. She seemed jealous seeing the couple together but decided to make the best out of it.

Isabelle was looking for work and she unknowingly passed by Jacq’s house.

Samuel was asking around to find Calixto. They seemed to be getting nowhere, so they decided to go to another barangay. He prayed that Gabriel had grown to be wise and forgot the past.

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Jacq’s parents are worried about her finding the truth. While her father was confident that she will be fine, her mom was afraid to lose her. Her mom went to the market and fainted. Isabelle helped her and took her to the hospital. The couple was grateful of Isabelle.
Jacq was amazed on how wide the place was and described it as green heaven She was enjoying herself and she tried out her first sugarcane. . Gab saw how messy her face was and could not resist to wipe it. Natalia’s jaw slightly dropped, but did not say anything

Jacq seemed to be falling for Gabriel, would she be able to fight her feelings for a guys she knew loves someone else?

Natalia is curious about Jacq, but would she be able to resist the jealousy budding in her heart?

Gab claims that Jacq does not seem to be a girl, and he knew he could not fall for someone else and risk failing, but would he be able to fight his heart’s desires? Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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