Apple’s iWatch is now creating a buzz with it’s rumored initial introduction on September 9, together with their newest phone model, iPhone 6. It is said to have the intelligence of a computer, apps of a phone, sensors for fitness and the wearability of a watch.

It has iOS 8 that is compatible with iPhones. Now that Google released their smartwatches through LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live and soon to be released Moto 360 on September 4, there would be e demand of a smartwatch that would be finally compatible with an iPhone. Though the rumored debut of this iWatch is in a few days from now, the device won’t be available to the customers until 2015.

iPhone must prepare to supply the demands that would come, to be able to keep up with its reputation. Last year, iPhone 5S had a limited supply, making it not easy to find for the consumers.

Apple’s iWatch and iPhone 6 Rumored Initial Introduction on September 9, 2014

According to Re/code, a technology news website, the price could be as pricey as $400. This smartwatch lets you check notifications without using your actual phones. It also has fitness sensors like a Nike’s Fuel Band. Siri would also be available right at your wrist.

In case you haven’t got it yet, this would be the only smartwatch compatible with an iPhone, making people think that the production will be started sooner than expected to keep up with the competition against Android Wear Devices.

Even though the debut of Apple’s iWatch on its event on September 9 is still a rumor, the company neither denied nor confirmed. References: Techradarcnet

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