Specialist threat research publication, Virus Bulletin, detected a malware named iPh/AdThief-A (also known as AdThief) affecting75,000 iPhone iOS devices. This malware specifically does online ad fraud.

Malware is a term derived from two words “malicious software”. It is designed to damage, access or take partial control of a computer or mobile device. This AdThief malware, however, only harms the jailbroken iPhones, so those who managed to resist the temptation of jailbreaking or stayed true to the Apple’s strict security control on their iPhone devices are spared.

Why does it only affect the jailbroken devices? Jailbreaking is overriding Apple’s security controls, making the owner free to download any games and apps without Apple’s security consent. While you could consider this a great opportunity for fun, the downside of jailbreaking is that it makes the phone vulnerable to malware.

Apple iOS Hits by a Malware for Jailbroken Devices

When downloading apps, owners are asked to allow the use of their personal accounts, to click some links, to visit a URL or open files; these could be used to connect the phone to intercepting systems with malicious purposes.

This is how AdThief works: the thief changes the affiliate codes of the ad the person clicks into his own affiliate codes. By this, the revenues that are suppose to be earned by the ad owners would go to the culprit. The more clicks on the ad, the more money it would generate.

While most people think those clicks just worth a cent, Sophos estimated around $30,000 ( roughly 1,260,000Php) a year could be stolen through this malware.

Furthermore, according to Sophos, this malware could become widespread by using in-apps such as games.

iPhone owners are being warned not to jailbreak their devices. The system administrators are also discouraged to allow jailbroken phones into their network.

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